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Restore is foolish.
It erases, and it is not an enthusiast.
And, it is not a collector.
It doesn't stick to in the original. When either is said, it is a custom sect.

I think that the original is certainly wonderful.
I think sticking to is good.
There is smoothly no nature that denies the original.
It is not thought that there is what worries too much because it is not original any longer even if it differs one screw or is a screw that plates the original again either.

An old motorcycle doesn't have the winker, and either the one that there is no brake switch in the reception desk brake is many.
Whether there is selfishly growing dark the solution as for it now though there is an arm and hand signal or not?

It is thought, "Motorcycle that can run safely only agoing".

The gasket, the Pakkin relation, and it doesn't exist even if it decorates, neither nor the piston are needed, and the mission is empty.
Because it ..profit.. doesn't relate even the brake even in case of not being though Sabi in the fuel tank and , cab overflows.

Various things are needed to run actually.

There is a lot of traffic and it is dangerous in the motorcycle with sweet brake without the winker either if it will tool it with an old car at the present period.
It can be thought that it is only rashness that runs in the original to the point where the life is multiplied.

Being able to say, "Just now" safely is an idea to my motorcycle.

It is my such Restoa, and a site of the custom.
Please when it is good though it is a regrettable site to sticking to.
With my arbitrary decision, the prejudice.
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